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Transforming employee productivity and performance by simplifying the delivery, management and measurement of targeted, personalised training

Take control of lifelong learning

Our cloud based learning management platform – FingerPrint ELP – is a one-stop solution for lifelong learning. It removes all the headaches associated with delivering internal training content and managing, monitoring and reporting on the learning journey of every employee.

On-board people faster

Ensure compliance with Standard Operating Procedures

Target training at essential performance improvements

Reduce training costs

Provide self-service learning where employees are in control of the learning journey

Reduce paper

Deliver your training content to the right people

Simplify monitoring, management and reporting

Simplify auditing and ISO compliance

Raise the game of the whole team

Enable agency staff to ‘hit the ground running’

Simplify the way you deliver learning

Our intelligent content delivery and learning management platform makes it incredibly easy for you to deliver the right training to the right people at the right time – any time, and as often as required.

Our platform combines self-service learning with the management oversight and insight to ensure that any investment in training pays off.


Our platform works because it delivers the learning experience employees want and the training value your organisation needs

FingerPrint ELP enables you to deliver a personalised learning experience from the moment an employee or student joins your organisation to the moment they leave.

It enables users to access essential training at any time, from anywhere. It enables you to ensure compliance with qualification requirements and to target remedial training when needed.

Throughout, it provides the opportunity to track, trace and report on your users learning progress.

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Guaranteed to meet your needs and help support lifelong learning

Because FingerPrint ELP was developed by listening to customers in complex organisations such as NHS Trusts, we can guarantee that it will enable you to support lifelong learning by providing access to an easy to use and simple to administer learning platform that enables you to control the learning journey and equips employees to learn at their own pace and in their own way. It will also provide the visibility you need to make auditing and ISO compliance much simpler.

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Simplify the way you deliver learning

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